Chicago Fire Season 10: Is Stella Kidd Leaving the show?

Chicago Fire Season 10 Update: As Chicago Fire plunges further into its 10th season, fans are left scrambling to figure out what’s to come. It’s been uplifting news, awful news consistently. Fortunately, Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) has formally finished her test to turn into a lieutenant. The awful news is that she’s probably leaving Firehouse 51.

The promotion trailer for Chicago Fire scene 15 has caused a lot of worry among fans after it implied that Miranda Rae Mayo and her character, Stella Kidd, could be going to bid farewell.

However, is Stella Kidd truly leaving Chicago Fire? What will befall Miranda Rae Mayo’s character?

Chicago Fire Season 10: Is Stella kid leaving?

It has not been confirmed if Stella Kidd is leaving just yet.

There could also be some reason that the show’s story writers have in mind for later on. Another matter to think about is that if Stella leaves the show then it would put her character’s story in turmoil.

In the trailer for the forthcoming episode “A White-Knuckle Panic,” we likewise see Severide debate marriage with Stella. Albeit the two aren’t pledged at this time, fans are certainly trusting we’ll see a proposition before the finish of the period (as long as Severide escapes his own specific manner). Be that as it may, a great deal stays undetermined for their relationship. Additionally, fans are likewise a little worried that he’s wanting to leave Chicago Fire himself as Taylor Kinney’s contract is apparently up.

Could Chicago Fire be playing with us? Is Stella the one remaining in Firehouse 51, with Severide choosing to leave for her to take his position? Or then again would they say they are both going to leave the show in the wake of getting hitched and heading out into the nightfall?

Tune into Chicago Fire Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC to see where their connections and their prospects are going.


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