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Fast & Furious 9: Sung Kang Addresses Justice For The Han Movement In the movie

Sung Kang Addresses Justice For The Han Movement In Fast & Furious 9-1

Fast & Furious 9 Updates: The first preview for Fast & Furious 9, also known as F9, was released last year, and one of the major revelations was that of Sung Kang’s Han Lue. He was believed to have been killed during the events of Tokyo Drift/Furious 7, was still alive. Sung Kang explains how the Justice For Han project came to be, and it all started with a reconciliation between him and director Justin Lin. It’s still unclear how Han Lue is indeed living, but F9 director, Justin Lin seemed determined that the actor return, even promoting #JusticeForHan during the shooting of the next Fast & Furious film, long before we knew he would.

Fast & Furious 9: Return of Sung Kang after his presumed death

Sung Kang Addresses Justice For The Han Movement In Fast & Furious 9

He returns to The Quick Saga after the character’s supposed death to fight alongside Dom’s crew against Jakob and Cipher. Although the overall opinion for Fast & Furious 9 is that it’s a perfectly entertaining film with major action scenes and family drama, nothing has been said on what can be predicted from Han’s return. Sung Kang, who describes his Fast & Furious journey as “mad,” recognizes the wildness of Han Lue’s return to the screen. Fast & Furious 9 will deal with #JusticeForHan in its own way, in addition to discovering how Han escaped the fiery blaze. It’ll be fascinating to see how that’s handled, particularly because Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson were busy filming the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff.

Lin mentioned previously that delivering justice for Han is one of the reasons he wanted to return to The Quick Saga, which has been pushed by fans and ultimately backed by some cast members. Kang explains how precisely Lin intends to carry out Justice for Han in F9 in a recent interview with People. The director apparently had no idea there was a demand for such a concept and only learned about it when they met for the 10th anniversary of their first feature, Better Luck Tomorrow.

How will the Plotline for Fast & Furious 9 Tackle Han Justice?

Though it’s unclear how Lin intends to get Han Justice, likely, the whole plotline will not be addressed in Fast & Furious 9. John Cena will make his F9 debut as Jakob Toretto, Dom and Mia’s estranged brother who has joined forces with Charlize Theron’s Cipher. As it stands, Deckard Shaw, the perpetrator of the premeditated manslaughter, will not be seen in the film, making it impossible to keep him responsible. With two more films set to be released, this is a scenario that might play out for the remainder of The Fast Saga’s run.