Who Killed Sara? Season 2: 5 burning questions before Season 2 starts

Who Killed Sara season 2 starts tomorrow on Netflix. Hopefully, these 5 exciting open questions from Season 1 will be answered soon.

eason 1 of the Spanish series ” Who Murdered Sara? ” Already provided some answers to important questions, but so far the big revelations have not been made. Who has Sara on her conscience, is she dead at all and who was she really behind her facade? Even after the finale, there are still burning questions that will hopefully be answered in season 2.

Who Killed Sara?

The season one finale ended with the revelation that Mariana (Claudia Ramírez) was the one who commissioned Elroy to manipulate Sara’s (Ximena Lamadrid) harness and cause her death. But season 1 also caused a lot of confusion.

Alex found his sister’s secret diary and dug up a skull in the backyard of his home. Ultimately, there is no certainty whether Elroy and Mariana really murdered Sara. Or that Sara died at all.

Season 1 never showed Elroy cutting the rope. However, Chema’s knife was in the boat, so someone present must have manipulated the rope. If it wasn’t Sara herself.

The story of the skull

The skull Alex finds in the courtyard could be related to a flashback. This shows Sara being strangled and César (Ginés García Millán) firing a shot from his weapon. César may have saved Sara from the attacker and then buried the body.

What is Marifer’s plan as Diana the Slayer?

One of the biggest revelations of the finale is arguably the identity behind Diana, the huntress. Behind the anonymous person is Marifer (Litzy). The Slayer helps Alex unravel the mystery of Sara’s death. Your relationship with the other characters in the series is very complex.

You only really get to know Marifer during her threesome with Alex and Chema. She also seemed to be Sara’s best friend and got the video of Flor Sanchez from her. In a flashback, Marifer asked Sara for help, but refused. Sara preferred to spend her vacation with Chema, Alex, and Rodolfo.

The trailer for the second season promises deeper insight into the twisted friendship of the two women. In addition, Marifer also seems to be connected to Nicandro (Martin SarachoI) and to provide another piece of the puzzle in Sara’s murder. Nicandro is apparently no longer among the living either and was in contact with Marifer before his death. He was also close to the gang on the day of Sara’s death.

Who is Sara Really?

During the first season, you learn that Sara is not the angel Alex thinks his sister is. She despised Chema for his sexuality, slept with her boyfriend’s father and wanted to subjugate the child Rodolfo, who had emerged from the affair. In addition, the trailer for the second season reveals that Sara was apparently a patient in a mental hospital and that her relationship with Marifer is extremely complicated.

Elroy still alive?

You were there when Elroy’s heart monitor went out in the hospital and Mariana was watching him with friends. However, there was never any evidence that Elroy really died. He may be comatose and will help solve Sara’s murder.

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