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LA’s Finest Season 2: Netflix release date, cast, synopsis and more details

LA’s Finest Season 2

LA’s Finest Season 2 Updates: LA’s Finest season one of the Spectrum Original drama arrived on Netflix in January 2021 and emerged victorious in capturing the heart of the audiences. We share what we know so far all the analyzed reports and about the release of LA’s Finest season 2 on the streaming powerhouse. Below will also consist of cast, synopsis, and other details

LA’s Finest Season 2 Expected  release date

LA’s Finest season 1 did not arrive on Netflix until after the show aired stateside on FOX, so there had been an idea that fans might have to wait until season 2 aired on FOX before it can be added to the Netflix catalog.

However, good news seems to have arrived as Netflix has announced LA’s Finest season 2 will be arriving on the streaming service on June 9 which is approximately nine months to the date of when the series finale aired on Spectrum.

Season 2 cast

LA’s Finest Season 2 Release Date

LA’s Finest has some stellar cast with names like Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union playing detectives that is Nancy McKenna and Sydney Burnett, respectively. Duane Martin, Zach Gilford, Ryan McPartlin, Sophie Reynolds, and Ernie Hudson were also part of the star cast.


It is an aid to be a Bad Boys film, LA’s Finest is a crime drama that follows in the footsteps of drug enforcement agent Sydney Burnett who has now been transferred to LAPD and now is working wither new partner Nancy McKenna. LA’s Finest features a case of the week format with some plot twists and unique stories as we go through the season. The synopsis for the show’s various season 2 episodes is available on IMDb.

 Will Netflix save LA’s Finest?

Although LA’s Finest is hit with the fans and critics have given it a positive verdict since its release, it’s unlikely Netflix will save the show as there has been no announcement and no plans for a third season of the Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union crime drama.

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