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Love, Death + Robots Season 2 Review: What to Expect and How to Watch?

Love Death Robots Season 2 Review: Critical and public success, Love, Death + Robots is back on Netflix with the second volume of short films. Does this second season of the anthology animated series live up to the previous batch? Two years after the release of the first volume of eighteen short films, Love, Death + Robots is back for a second season on Netflix.

The animated anthology series, headed by David Fincher and Tim Miller, offers for this second volume only eight new stories. But this is only a postponement since a third season has already been confirmed by the platform for 2022. After watching the eight short films of the second volume, it is pleasant to see that the quality in terms of writing and animation is still there.

Always presented with a series of emojis that announce the color, these new little stories, supervised by South Korean Jennifer Yuh Nelson ( Kung Fu Panda 2 ) as chief director, are totally in line with the continuity of the initiated project. in the first season and promise pretty visual slaps.


Love Death Robots Season 2

Fans will not be disappointed since the episodes are always anchored in a rich and coherent universe inspired by major works of pop culture. Everyone will find something for themselves between stories of killer robots, legendary and terrifying creatures, the living dead, futuristic and post-apocalyptic landscapes, and space explorations, in particular with Michael B. Jordan, hero of one of the short films.

With an aesthetic always very polished and worked, the eight new short films plunge us into well-thought-out worlds and offer distressing, intriguing, and violent stories.

Perhaps less trashy overall than the first volume, this second season of Love, Death + Robots focuses more on emotion, on our deep fears, and on an offbeat and revisited vision of tales and legends but also a look often a critique of technology and our consumerist way of life. In addition, France is once again in the spotlight in this second volume since two studios in France have worked on the animation of episodes.

Already at work on “Behind the Rift” in the first season, Unit Image has this time-boxed “Snow and the Desert”, in a universe between Mad Max and Star Wars, always using the performance capture. Note that the French actress Zita Hanrot took part in this unique experience. For its part, Atoll Studio, the other French company, offers an ultra colorful and violent vision of our relationship to technology with “The Robot and the Old Lady”, a pulp short film, very rhythmic and sprinkled with humor.

In the scene a badass granny and her small dog plagued by a murderous household robot. Even if the plot does not revolutionize the genre, the aesthetics, and the atmosphere charm and make this short terribly effective.

Love Death Robots Season 2: Watch It Or Skip It?

Overall, this second volume of Love, Death + Robots surprises a little less than the first batch of short films discovered in 2019 but titillates our sensitivity and perpetuates a rich and very creative anthological universe, wanted for years by Fincher and Miller, which seems to have a bright future ahead of it and which heralds a third volume that we hope will be as fascinating and sophisticated as the first