Stowaway: What is a Solar Storm? Dangers and Effects Explained

Stowaway Updates: The story of a Mars mission beset by challenges after an accidental stowaway is discovered on board is told in Stowaway, the new Netflix original film.

The entire crew is faced with a number of potentially fatal difficulties in the film, and in the final minutes, the actors Zoe and David leave the ship to grab some oxygen from an outboard container.

Whenever a solar storm hits the ship, however, the climax of Stowaway takes an unexpected turn, but what exactly is a solar storm and what are its consequences?

Stowaway On Netflix

On Thursday, April 22nd, 2021, Stowaway will be visible on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in Canada.

Stowaway is a film starring Anna Kendrick, Toni Collete, Daniel Dae Kim, and Shamier Anderson about a space mission to Mars in which an unintentional stowaway (hence the title) is discovered aboard the ship just several hours after take-off.

Even so, there is insufficient fuel for the team to turn around, so they must proceed their purpose, but it soon became clear that there are inadequate resources to everybody on board.


What on Netflix

Stowaway’s main issue is the cast’s lack of oxygen. When stowaway Michael is found, the ship’s life safety nets will be seriously weakened, and there will not be enough air for the three members of the crew and the unfortunate stowaway to escape.

To counteract this, Anna Kendrick’s Zoe and Daniel Dae Kim’s David try to retrieve some oxygen from the missile that launched them into space.

Fortunately, there is still tons of oxygen available, but as the two are loading a pair of containers, the crew receives a solar storm alert, forcing Zoe and David to return, losing their entire oxygen container in the procedure.

The team will perish if they do not have enough oxygen, so Zoe agrees to go out and grab the next container, despite the fact that she will be subjected to the full effect of the solar storm.

Stowaway concludes with Zoe sitting on the stern of the Kingfisher ship, having received a nearly lethal shot of solar radioactivity.


However according Earth Sky, a solar storm occurs after a solar flare on the surface of the sun.

A solar flare is a powerful burst of daylight, heat, and energy that is the most destructive occurrence in our solar system. Solar flares generally last a few moments but can last for times.

The most powerful of these explosions produce coronal mass ejections (or CMEs), which are huge balloons of gas and electromagnetic field that send billions of tonnes of radioactively energetic particles into space, some of which can strike Earth.

In space, indeed, things are a little different, and the solar radiation emitted by CMEs can be lethal in massive sufficient doses.

Obviously for Zoe in Stowaway, she took a large sufficient dose in the final minutes of the play while extracting the oxygen container and dies as the video ends.


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