The Way of the Househusband Season 2 Animation Style Is So Controversial

The Way of the Househusband Season 2 Updates: THE WAY OF HOUSEHUSBAND is a Netflix original animation that was released in April 2021. It seems like the motionless animation has disappointed some fans.

Netflix has many anime on its list and now, THE WAY OF HOUSEHUSBAND seems to enter that list.

Netflix has had many anime released but the animation style of THE WAY OF HOUSEHUSBAND seems to be different than the others which led to a lot of controversies.

THE WAY OF HOUSEHUSBAND’S is either making fans love it for its comedy or it is repelling its fans due to its unique style of animation.

There is a little speculation about the animation style being different or has Netflix pulled down its budget.

Jonah Scott (Tatsu), a yakuza boss traded in the gritty world of crime for a much calmer day-to-day life as a househusband to his wife who is working on salary. He is referred to as the Immortal Dragon.

Miku is his wife, he is completely devoted to taking care of her instead of roaming the streets with an iron fist. She is a designer and a successful woman.

The anime shows how Tatsu is devoted to being a househusband who takes care of the house, takes cooking lessons, plans the birthday of his beloved wife and, also shows how he takes care of Gin ( their cat).

The Way of the Househusband Season 2 The Unique animation which led to the controversy

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The fans of Manga were initially very much excited about the anime but when the trailer was released, fans were seemed to be a little confused because of the animation style. Some people thought it to be a publicity call to have a different animation style but when the anime was released, the fans were taken aback.

The series does not seem to get good reviews not just from the fans but also from review sites like IMDb gave it only a one-star rating and calls it a cheap form of animation.

THE WAY OF HOUSEHUSBANDS got popular over the internet but the popularity was more in a way of criticism. The series was also being trolled and mocked by people on social media platforms like Twitter.

The series seems to be a catch for people who are not interested in heavy plots and those who like to binge-watch funny and short script series.

As Netflix seems to be taking this to season 2, it would be interesting for the fans to see if and how the animation style of the series changes.

Let us eagerly wait to see if or not the controversy gets extended even in the next season.

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