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Why The Hulk: Next MCU Storyline Should Take Place In Hell

Hulk Phase 4
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Hulk Phase 4 Updates: The Hulk’s Phase 4 plot should involve the Marvel hero taking a one-way trip to Hell, as weird as that may sound. While it may not be immediately apparent, the MCU has already gibe hint about its afterlife through glimpses of Hell in Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok, demonstrating that the franchise is not so family-friendly that it will avoid mentioning such notions entirely.

This is fortunate because one of the Hulk’s most intriguing ongoing arcs includes a realm that appears to be only accessible through death.

Currently, the “Smart Hulk” appears to be all Banner, with the Hulk’s mind either permanently trapped in the body as a passenger or otherwise potentially exiled altogether, which could very well be how his soul (if the two can divide in this sense) ends up going to the afterlife.

Though many believe the Hulk will simply reclaim his body and seek vengeance on those who ignored his predicament, as he did in the World War Hulk comic, it’s also possible that the process of creating Smart Hulk will separate the Hulk from Banner, resulting in a storyline familiar to comic fans.

Hulk Phase 4 Storyline

Hulk Phase 4
Screen Rant

The One Below All is a character familiar to those who have followed the Immortal Hulk series. The entity is the source of radiation’s transformative powers in the Marvel universe, and this is linked to the Hulk – in fact, it couldn’t exist in the normal Marvel universe without involving the green giant.

After being killed by Harpy in the comics, Banner first meets this horrifying creature in its realm, so it would make the most sense for the MCU to do the same.

The simplest way to set this ball in motion would be to use the mystery surrounding the Smart Hulk transformation to have the Hulk “die” due to Banner’s tampering by landing him in this bizarre location.

With the current Hulk arc likely to come to a halt if it goes on for another Phase, this could bring some genuine intrigue to the character’s future.

Having Banner’s storyline jump from the relatively relaxed-looking experience of his time as Smart Hulk to finding he’d sent the Hulk’s soul to Hel by doing so and that he was permanently connected with an ancient malicious being is perhaps a bit much all at once. But even mentioning the One Below All would be a strong way to bring the Hulk out of the shadows and into the spotlight, if only for a brief time.


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