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Dragon Age II: Why Sarcastic Hawke Is the Best Hawke

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II Updates: Sarcasm has turned out to be the best coping mechanism for Hawkeye while everything going on in Kirkwall during Dragon Age II. The player’s character was dragged from darkspawn-infested Ferelden and plunked them right smack in the middle of chaotic Kirkwall in Dragon Age II.

Hawkeye seems to be wound up as the only one to see things right between rampant blood magic and stubborn Qunari, which however becomes the tension which takes its toll.

Like it was before, where Hawkeye’s life revolves around responsibilities for the safety and well being of the entire family, the addition of Sarcasm has no wonder created some of the best responses for the game.

The game has got dialogue system which is there in 3 ways that verbally addresses the issues with Hawkeye that he faced in Kirkwall, which are Diplomatic/Helpful, Humorous/Charming and Aggressive/Direct. With being Diplomatic, Hawkeye seems to be some pushover, and Hawkeye being aggressive is when he is violently disagreeable.

Dragon Age II: Sarcastic Hawke

Dragon Age II

The humorous and charming is more happy mediums that got laced up with a heavy dose of sarcasm.
Being child of the Hawkeye family, after the death of their father Malcolm, a lot of responsibilities is going to be forced upon future champion of Kirkwall, which no one has ever asked for.

But because of the position they found themselves in at home, it seemed to carry over into real-world responsibility for everything around them.

The game has random bits of dialogue for all the character while they wandering out and taking care of their business. Hawkeye’s sarcastic Mutterings always reflects the frustration in him about being the person who has to set things right.

Which Constantly points out that they never asked to be in charge, while reflecting their inner-struggle with the burden of responsibility, these comments are Hawke’s way of acknowledging that no one else is going to step up, so it’s up to them.

Although the things happened in Kirkwall that turned hawkeye to stardom were often ridiculous and could have been easily avoided. Being with very little authority and bulk of responsibilities has turned Hawkeye to express the absurdity of the situation with sarcasm.

Maybe they thought, by being absurd, they would help others recognize how preposterous everything was. Instead, it usually provoked dismay and disbelief that someone could be so insensitive to the tragedy festering in Kirkwall.

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