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WandaVision Explains Captain Marvel’s Endgame Reaction To Thanos


WandaVision Updates: Captain Marvel has a visceral response to Thanos in Avengers: Endgame and WandaVision have the context to understand why she was so furious at him.

WandaVision discusses Captain Marvel’s Avengers: Thanos’ Endgame Reaction. The superhero was lost in action after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, but Nick Fury was called back to Earth just before the Insane Giant broke out of existence.

Captain Marvel appeared early in the Endgame and left for space with Thor and the other Avengers to search and kill Thanos. But it wasn’t until the final fight, five years later, that viewers saw the full scope of her villain fury. Now that WandaVision has provided more backstory, Captain Marvel’s response to Thanos makes a lot of sense.

Captain Marvel presented fans to Maria Rambeau, Carol Danvers’ closest fellow former pilot of the Air Force, and her daughter Monica. WandaVision, which takes place after the Endgame, never lost time verifying that Maria founded S.W.O.R.D. and Monica preceded her mother’s footsteps.

However, Monica was one of the victims of Thanos’ snap and vanished while in hospital for her mother’s treatment for cancer. Monica returns to her life five years later but unfortunately learns that Maria died of cancer two years after Monica was dusted.

Captain Marvel is there for none of this, which explains why Monica is hesitant to speak to anyone about the heroine and even the bristles when she mentions her.

WandaVision: Captain Marvel about the Endgame to Thanos


Although the fates of Monica and Maria are devastating on their own, the discoveries in WandaVision go a long way to extend Captain Marvel’s response to Thanos in Endgame.

Her face is serious as she spots him during the final fight and she’s clearly infuriated by his presence. Catching the scene out of context, one would have wondered why Carol was so viscerally annoyed by the Insane Titan.

Of course, wiping out half of the world’s people would have pissed off everyone, but Captain Marvel’s rage seemed more personal.

Five years had already elapsed at this stage in the plot, and Carol had lost both Monica and Maria. Although Thanos had little to do with the death of Maria, Monica was killed by his snapshot, which possibly ruined Maria.

Who wouldn’t be in such a position after losing their daughter? His behavior has stopped Monica from being with her mother before she passed away. The mother-daughter couple was essentially deprived of their time together because of the decimation of the antagonist.

This will understandably enrage Captain Marvel, who was extremely loyal to Mary and thought of her as a family. Yeah, she’s been gone for a few years, but it doesn’t keep Carol from caring for her best friend.

Carol obviously knew that her friend was mourning the loss of her daughter, and she was angry with Thanos for taking Monica away from her mother, particularly during her time of need. With Monica (and Carol) dead, Maria had to go on cancer care on her own and died with no family on her side.

Certainly thought about the way her friend suffered from the incense of Captain Marvel, whose emotions were undoubtedly dredged up and far closer to the surface after seeing Thanos again after so many years of loss.

There’s also a possibility that Captain Marvel was upset with the fact that she wasn’t there when Maria and Monica died and was at least partly angry with herself. Either way, WandaVision is doing a lot about closing the holes in the endgame.