Perry Mason Season 2: Will Tatiana Maslany’s Sister Alice Back

Perry Mason Season 2 Updates: The finale of Perry Mason season 1 wrapped up a lot of loose threads, but one is still strong: will we all see more of Sister Alice which will be played by Tatiana Maslany when the HBO legal drama returns for season 2?

The final episode of the series ended with Perry tracing the former preacher at a roadside diner, where she was working as a waitress.

Both of them debated on the merits of the spiritual faith vs evidence – and they show a bit of romantic spark if someone asks us – before they parted ways.

But the question is that is this is the last appearance of Sister Alice? May the case of Emily Dodson is over, however, Pete did say that he and Hamilton Burger who is a prosecutor went after the church…the same church where Sister Alice did her preaching. Tatiana Maslany, for one, doesn’t think that the story of Alice is done yet.

Perry Mason Season 2 Alice Back

Maslany tells Collider that she thinks it is the first chapter. “ I think she is finally working on herself to change all the things that she had herself and take control over her till now she sort of the things distilled in a way.

Similar to Perry, she reimagined by the end of it in a different place, lacking from all the things she knew to be right and true. All her identities, her mother, her faith, her connection with Emily, the church all of it is cleared away.

And now she is in a way to start her life again.” Even the star of the series Matthew Rhys likes to see Tatiana Maslany back: “ Obviously, there is a lot of chances for Alice to be a part of the legal  team, now that she is a free agent.”

Until now there is nothing as announced officially, Susan Downey the executive producer of the series is leaving the door open.

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