The Crown Season 5: Did Claire Foy want to leave The Crown?

The Crown Season 5 Updates: Claire Foy is a British actress who is 36 years old and who is known for her leading roles in…

Published: January 27th, 2021 11:21 am | Updated: January 27, 2021 11:21 am

The Crown Season 5 Updates: Claire Foy is a British actress who is 36 years old and who is known for her leading roles in The Pledge and Crossbones.

Since taking on the lead role as the Queen in Netflix’s hit film, The Crown, she walked into the global spotlight, for which she received various accolades.

In season three, Olivia Colman took over the part of the lead and Foy revealed how she felt about leaving the historical drama.

Will Claire Foy have decided to abandon The Crown?

Actress Foy appeared in 21 episodes of The Crown in total, starring in the first two seasons as well as appearing in season four in a single episode.

Fans of the actress were delighted to see her return as the Queen’s younger version, delivering a speech during a South African royal tour in 1947.

She sat behind a BBC microphone as Princess Elizabeth during the poignant address, which was made on her 21st birthday, and declared her Commonwealth allegiance.

In place of Foy, esteemed actress Colman took on the role, and too soon she received lots of acclaim for her performance. That’s not a shock, she said; they already knew before they signed up for it, and not to be funny either, so it’s a real bonus, too.

The Crown Season 5

After two years, Foy revealed how happy she was to have retired, as the prospect of staying for more years to come was too much. As an actress, she said, there’s nothing worse than seven years of sound.

What Fans have to about The Crown Season 5?

Fans were gutted to see Foy abandon the historical soap, but due to the timeframe, it made sense. In the mid-50s, Season two of The Crown was set, with season three jumping ahead to the 70s.

At the time, Foy was 33 years old and it would have been a challenge for her to play a middle-aged Queen. Foy did not take a long holiday after leaving the movie, unlike other stars.

She plunged into a brand new initiative called Unsane instead. She told Vanity Fair that because it was so different from her previous role, it was the best thing she could have done.

Foy also revealed how she was keen not to get too busy with the cast of season three because she didn’t want to include too many cooks getting involved. Fans may miss her, but Foy seems to have been more than delighted to hand on the baton.