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LEGO Mandalorian Video Shows the Gory Side of the Star Wars Universe

LEGO Mandalorian

LEGO Mandalorian Updates: The Mandalorian is known for its high-flying action scenes. Its ferocious fighters were even unafraid to take the Jedi head-on in ancestral disputes, which create the show historically.

With the first season, the show blew every fan’s mind.  Undoubtedly Jon Favreau and co. were able to outshine in the first season of the show which results in higher expectations of fans from the second season.

Every episode of season one depicted pure action scenes in a more diverse way. Basically, the show is non-violent, but Lego Mandalorian has different things stored.

LEGO Mandalorian Video

In a recent video by forrestfire101,  it is displayed that Mando approaching a bounty on an anonymous planet. Mando contests the bounty on a bustling city street which results in a fierce gunfight, complete with blood and guts.

Bounty got themselves some backup and Mando quickly get rid of them before rushing his target. Every one of them carried off before Grogu, could rescue them.

Both Star Wars and Lego fans are very much excited for this collaboration, they’re expecting a violent approach by the Star War Universe.

With Disney in command of the Star Wars now, they are less likely to produce harsh content but to all the fans out there, Star Wars must lack in violence but surely not in content as Disney promised more action and adventure.

Great news for every Star war fans, Mandalorian Season 3 is all set.

LEGO Mandalorian

The Mandalorian season 3 is official but a long ways away, yet the possibilities of where the story could go from the season 2 finale are endless.

As per the sources, it is said that The Mandalorian might take his mask off more in season 3, teases Pedro Pascal.  As Season 2 of the hit Star Wars live-action series finished with the titular Mandalorian Din Djarin voluntarily take off his mask to bid farewell to Baby Yoda.

Dujardin had lived most of his life with the belief inculcated in him that removing his mask would break the Mandalorian code. In fact, he also made very clear to whoever crossed his path in starting of season 1, that he was not allowed to remove his Mandalorian helmet.

When asked, what will happen if he did remove his helmet, he clarified saying that he wouldn’t be able to put it back on again, because of breaking the Mandalorian code.

Fans are very much intrigued to see the Mandalorian learning more about their past, present, and future. But will have to wait till the Season 3 premieres. To know more, Stay tuned to Daily Research Plot.