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Is Blown Away Season 3 Renewed? – Release Date and Cast Details

Blown Away Season 3 Renewed

Blown Away Season 3 has been announced by its makers or not it’s the most anticipated question, which is trending all over the internet. We have gathered information from various sources about the Canadian Reality show which season 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

Is Blown Away Season 3 Renewed?

As we know the Season 2 of Blown has been released on January 22, 2021, on the streaming giant Netflix, the season has a total of 10 episodes, But Season 3 is not in the news as Season 2 has just released. The showmaker Ron Caroll has suggested to binge-watch all episodes at once and they have converted the show premises to a shop and they have invested so much its set so it is clear that we will have another season or the Season 3 very soon.

Blown Away Season 3 Release Date

Blown Away Season 3

Although Season 3 has not been announced yet by the showmakers, as per the release schedules of Netflix and the history of the show we can expect the Season 3 of Blown Away in 2022.

Premises of the Blown Away

The Reality Series is based on ten participants who chosen by the makers to participate in various competitions, on every episode, they assigned tasks which they have to complete in a given limited time. Mostly the tasks are art-based from decorating bottles to creating expensive art pieces. And like every reality shows the artists being judged by the panelists as per their artwork and the lowest rankers get eliminated.

The most creative part of the show is the talk-segment where the p[articipants share their experiences of their lives in art fields.

The Cast of Blow Away

Nick Uhas
Nick Uhas – Big Brother 15

The most important cast of the Blown Away is Nick Uhas who is currently hosting the series, If you don’t know he was the former contestant of Big Brother aired on CBS, and famous for his YouTUbe Channel Nickipedia.

The judges of the show include Katherine Gray (the Canadian glass-work artist),

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