Archive 81: Every Update that fan Should Know

Archive 81 Update: The upcoming horror series that pivots on the podcast of the same name by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell who are enlisted on the storyboard of the series as producers.

Netflix has tapped Stranger Things director, Rebecca Thomas, to direct four episodes including the pilot and will serve as executive producer as well while Paul Harris Boardman is behind the scripting and serves as executive producer. Rebecca Sonnenshine is engaged with the project as the showrunner which is assumed to have its development in full sail.

Catch a run-down on the plotline of the yet-to-arrive screener

Archive 81: Premise

Archive 81

As per the reports sourced by The Hollywood Reporter, the plot of Archive 81 centers on Dan Turner, an archivist who takes a mysterious job restoring a collection of damaged videotapes from 1994 and finds himself reconstructing the work of documentary filmmaker Melody Pendras and her investigation into a dangerous cult. As Dan is drawn into Melody’s story, he becomes convinced he can save her from the terrifying end she met 25 years in the past.

What do we know about the current status of the production?

Taking into account what we have got so far, Production Weekly, a reliable industry database sourced the cue that production for Archive 81 is currently posed to pitch up in Pittsburgh, the US in November 2020. That being said, a reallocation in the schedule is very potential in a global pandemic. As of now, filming is planned to wrap in March 2021.

No release date has been announced for Archive 81, but it would be safe to assume that the eight episodes will be available for renting on Netflix as late as 2021 and early 2022.

Archive 81: Production update

The multi-starrer boasts of the horror genre staged at the center for Netflix’s Archive 81 with an undertone of deep-rooted romance, as asserted by one of the creators on the team.

The cast includes Mamadou Athie and Dina Shibari. Athie as Dan Turner, the aforementioned archivist while Shibabi portraying Melody Pendras.

Supporting characters for the series have also been announced: Martin Donovan, Matt McGorry, Julia Chan, Evan Jonigkeit, and Ariana Neal will embody Virgil, Mark, Anabelle, Samuel, and Jess.

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