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Lizzo Gets Candid on the Struggle of ‘Hating’ Her Body

Image Source: WUSA9.com

Lizzo: Lizzo admitted there are many days when she does not feel good about her body. This week, she shared a lot of videos on Tiktok.

She got very candid on the videos about the struggles she often faces with body image. She told in one video that when she came home and took her clothes off, she started to have all these really negative thoughts” about herself.

In another video, she was showing off her figure while hugging and rubbing her arms, shoulder, and stomach.

She voiced out her opinion a few months back too about body shamers.

“Hey, so I have been understanding consistently for the last five years and it’s going to come as a surprise to a number of y’all that I’m not understanding to possess your ideal somatotype,” she explained during a video of her riding a motorcycle, doing squats and jumping rope.

“So next time you would like to return to somebody and judge them, whether or not they drink kale smoothies or eat McDonald’s or workout or not workout, how about you check out your own f**king self and worry about your own god-d*mn body because health isn’t just determined on what you appear as if on the surface, health is additionally what happens on the within,” she added.

What does Lizzo new Diet plan look like?

Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

She also revealed her new vegan diet and everything she eats during the day. She usually starts her mornings with a dark green breakfast smoothie made from coconut milk, kale or spinach, and frozen fruit, followed by some fresh salad made up of kale, red cabbage, broccoli, a slice of avocado, onions, and carrots, making it a complete meal.

The singer said that for snack time, she has recently traded in hot Cheetos for garlic hummus and paleo puffs.

They are a Cheeto-alternative which she really likes as it’s vegan and that she dips them in hummus.

She also told that her dinner consists of mushroom balls with truffle and chickpeas, quinoa, and some salad too. Then she has vegan diet cola too so that she gets some sparkles in the throat, at last, she has a spread and jelly smoothie consisting of oats, oat milk, vanilla protein powder in dinner.