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Will Charles Esten Return to Tell Me Your Secrets

Charles Esten
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Charles Esten Returns: Tell me your secrets is a thriller drama series premiere on TNT. The show is created by Harriet Warner and directed by John Paulson.

Warner has also produced Bruna Papandrea and Casey Haver along with Tell me your secrets. Now we can watch the show on Amazon Prime Video. Earlier it was available only on TNT.

This thriller revolves around “trio characters” each of them has a mysterious past and gone through a lot in their lives. Emma is a Young woman who faced a dangerous killer.

Mary is a mother on a mission to find her missing daughter and John is a serial Predator desperate to find redemption. Each of them has gone through tough times and has a dark past. There will be 10 episodes in first season. This show is mysterious and full of suspense.

This crime drama has an amazing Actor we can see-

Chiara Aurelia as Rose Lord

Stella Baker

Charles Eaten as Saul

Marque Richardson as Tom Johnson

Bobbi Baker as Georgia Dubreauxn

Elliot Fletcher as Jake Barlow

Katherine Willis as Diana Lord

Bryant Tardy as Jay

Amy Brenneman as Mary

Hamish Linklater as John

Enrique Murciano as Pete

Lily Rabe as Emma

Geraldine Singer as Caterina Keep

Richard Thomas as Bodie Lord

Chase Stokes as Adam

Deanna Dunagan as Esther Moses

Gabriella Garcia as Tina Monro

Chelle Ramos as Andrea Black

Doug Savant as Coach Ed Jennings

Devyn A. Tyler as Lawren

Ethan Airhart as Convention Goer

Kevin Wayne as Abel

Susan Walters as Angela Miller

Adelyn Spoon as Freya

Charles Esten Returning

Charles Esten
Image Source: Deadline

Xavier Samuel(as Kit Parker) cast as “Tell me your secrets” regular. He will play a regular role opposite Lily Rabe. The kit is a serial killer who has done multiple killings. Samuel worked in many movies and shows; Twilight: Eclipse, Love and Friendship, Adore, and Seven Types of Ambiguity.

Charles Esten to star regularly in Tell me your secrets.  Esten’s first major acting commitment since Nashville. Esten will play Saul Barlow, a sad father who is distributed by the disappearance of his daughter.

Stella Baker (as Theresa) cast as series regular. Theresa is good swimmer but gets into serial killers hands. She tries to send visions to her mother which leaves her mother fraught.

The mother is not ready to give up searching for her daughter and she believes in visions she is having. This crime thriller will be out in 2021. I hope you enjoyed reading and will love watching this thriller.

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