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Notes For My Son Netflix’s Emotional Movie Release Date

Notes For My Son Updates: Relation between mother and son is always special. Notes for my son is the story of a mother who writes a book for her son when he will grow up.

The mother wrote the book because she wants to be with her son in one or the other form. She writes when she is in her last stage due to cancer. The mother writes on love, life, and death.

The interesting thing is this movie is inspired by a real-life story. This movie has been released on 24 November 2020. Basically, it is in Spanish but we can enjoy movies in English. The director is Carlos Sorin.

The Cast of Notes For My Son

We will see many talented people here. Following are the actors and actresses-

Vateria Bertuccelli

Esteban Lamothe

Mauricio Dayub

Diego Reinhold

Beatriz Spelizini

Romina Richi

Notes For My Son
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Ana Katz

Paola Barrientos

Monica Antonopoulos

Catarina Spinetta

Malena Pichot

Julian Sorin

Notes For My Son Plot

Malena Antonopulos played the mother who is suffering from cancer. She asks her husband to get her a book. She writes about life, death, and love. She is like sunshine in the room, who want every to smile and be happy.

The mother gets very famous because of everyday stories she writes on Twitter. She gets calls from celebrities. Her husband decides to give her euthanasia, which is killing someone who is not going to survive for a long time and is suffering due to a lot of pain. There are many questions like whether her boy reads that book?

Will her husband give her euthanasia? Though the mother’s friends and doctor deny giving euthanasia. Notes for my son show the love between the mother and her son.

It also inspires us. The nature of the mother is very calm and bubbly at the same time. This is inspirational, full of drama, and intimate.



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