Alien Xmas: The stop motion animation film to hit Netflix soon

Alien Xmas
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Alien Xmas Updates: We are all ready for the very first Alien Christmas with the cutest alien of all times X and he is on a mission to save the earth from the alien invasion that will ruin all Christmas plans.

Again, we have another stop motion animation Alien Xmas from the stars of the modern-day stop motion, the Chiodo brothers. The holiday treat is a 40-minute animated cinematic adaptation of the book.

Alien Xmas: When and where can we watch the festive show Alien Xmas?

The Christmas treat stop-motion for the movie is all set to release on the streaming platform Netflix this month itself, which is November 20th, 2020.

Though this fall season seems a lot more Haloweenish than ringing the spirit up for Christmas, the trailer that has been released by Netflix for the Alien Xmas has already put the audience in a cheery holiday mood.

Who says that Halloween has to be all spooky and cannot have a little touch of Christmas holiday sparkle to it. The trailer has all the viewers caught up in admiration of the cute little alien ready to save the world.


Alien Xmas
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Directed by Stephen Chiodo, Alien Xmas is all set to steal hearts this Christmas season. The executive producer of the stop motion animated film is Jon Favreau.

The film is based on Stephen Chiodo and Jim Strail’s book and illustrated by Charles Chiodo. The synopsis of the film is as follows.

When a group of extra-terrestrial creatures tries to lay a hand on Earth’s gravity to make it easier to steal everything on it, we only have one hope this Christmas season and that is the exceptionally cute alien named X who has vowed to save the earth from them. But will he really be able to fulfill his duty?

Fans are excited to start the holiday mood with this upcoming stop motion animation film Alien X and are waiting to watch it to lighten up their moods after the horror-filled Halloween. We will keep you posted about any new updates we can get regarding the movie.

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