Boruto Chapter 51: Will Boruto get Special key to Defeat Isshiki

Boruto Chapter 51 Theories: This series is one of the best Japanese manga series and the entire series was based on the genre of adventure and fantasy.

This anime Television series was directed by Noriyuki Abe, Hiroyuki Yamashita, Toshiro Fuji, and Masayuki Koda. These directors made the series in an excellent manner.  The audience is eagerly waiting to watch this series.

The entire script of this series was written by Ukyo Kodachi, Makoto Uezu, and Masaya Honda.  Boruto lovers are much excited to watch this series because the previous chapters become more successful among the fan clubs.

These scriptwriters included many of the storylines in this series.  TXN is the original network of this series and the music was composed of Yauharu Takanashi, Yaiba.

This series was licensed by Madam entertainment, Manga entertainment, and Viz Media.  This Japanese manga series had own many of the people’s hearts. let us discuss the storyline and release date about the series Boruto chapter 51.

Boruto Chapter 51 Fight Between Isshiki and Boruto

Boruto Chapter 51
Image Source: The Eagle Eye

Boruto Chapter 51 focuses on the fight between the two members Isshiki and Boruto. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the hero in this chapter. This fight is set in the Konoha village.  In this series, Jougan would be the key to defeat Isshiki Otutsuki. Boruto is working hard to defeat Isshiki.

In chapter 51, Boruto teams with Naruto and Sasuke. This team decided to fight against the enemy. Isshiki was a powerful enemy for Boruto’s team. On the other hand, Boruto used his karma mark to transport all of them in a foreign dimension.

At the same time, Isshiki had no difficulty to fight against Naruto and Sasuke.  The entire battlefield will be shown in chapter 51. The further story revolves around the team in an active manner. let us wait and discover a better storyline in this forthcoming chapter.

The very first season was released on 5, April 2017. Many of the fan clubs are awaiting to watch chapter 51 and it was already released.

I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. Stay tuned to discover more information about this series and keep on watch our daily news.


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