Emily in Paris Season 2: When will this drama series will be available for audience?

Emily in Paris season 2 Updates: Well, going to France amidst this lockdown is not possible right? But, Netflix has now treated its ardent subscribers a trip to France since the month beginning, with the release of a fantastic comedy-drama series of Emily in Paris. It was created by none other than Darren Star of Sex and City fame. And, since Emily’s arrival, it has marked its spot in the Top 10 charts across the world.

The series created such a hype that fans completed the entire 10 episodes in a short amount of time. Emily in France shares a humongous fan base with an incredible watch time. But, as the season finale aired, fans were left baffled with a lot of questions and curiosity. Everyone had doubts regarding Emily’s relation with Gabriel.

So, continue reading to know about whether Emily will return to Netflix or not?

Will Emily in Paris renew for a second installment?

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t yet declared any official confirmation on the renewal status of Emily in Paris. But, even if the series gets a renewal, fans won’t be surprised at all owing to its humongous fan base. Since October, this commendable show marked its entry on Netflix and since then it has dominated the Top 10 title of Netflix. Even in the UK, the series is the second most-watched show.

But, thanks to the love of the fans, Lily Collins, the show’s superstar, is definitely set for a second trip to Paris. She mentioned that she is extremely proud of the success rate of Emily in Paris and is uber happy owing to its global reach. Lily also extended her thanks to  Netflix for giving her a platform and promoting it as well. The entire cast and crew is very glad and is quite hopeful for a green signal from the creators for a second season.

So, we can expect the sequel’s arrival anytime soon.

When will Season 2 arrive?

Emily in Paris is yet to receive a green signal from the creators for a sequel. But since there is no official notification yet, so fans are unlikely to witnesses this amazing drama anytime soon. Owing to the current pandemic situation, the sequel may be delayed indefinitely. But, according to some sources, Emily in Paris, season 2 will arrive somewhere in 2021 or towards the starting of 2022 on Netflix.

Cast details of Emily in Paris Season 2

Imagining Emily in Paris without Lily Collins is quite next to impossible. If the makers decide to renew the contract, then we expect the old star cast to resume their roles along with some new faces. The main star cast includes-

  • Emily by Lily Collins.
  • Mindy by Ashley Park.
  • Gabriel by Lucas Bravo
  • Sylvie by Philippine Leroy Beaulieu.

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