Laid Back Camp Season 2 Renewed and Visauls revealed- Check out to know

Laid Back Camp Season 2 Updates: Laid Back Camp is a Japanese manga adaptation and a creation of Afro. It first debuted in Houbunsha’s seinen magazine. The first serialization was published from 2015 till 2019. This anime series is also called the Guru camp in Japan.

Crunchyroll revives this Japanese manga as an anime series. It co-produced the Laid Back Camp as a part of the anime production committee.

Not only this Crunchyroll has hands in several blockbuster anime too. Like The Rising of Shield hero season two and The Rising of Shield Hero season three anime.

C station animation studios are the official producer of the first season of anime Laid Back Camp. This studio has hand in several popular anime and manga series.

There are expectations that C station animation studios will soon advance in the production work of Laid Back Camp season 2. Director Masato Jinto, who is the director of the previous opening season of Laid Back Camp.

He takes the helm for another season of Laid Back Camp and is expected to direct in the future also. Series composition credits are with scriptwriter Mutsumi Ito. Character designer Mutsumi Sasaki will also return as chief animation director.

When can we expect the release date of Laid Back Camp Season 2 : 

Image Source: Finance Rewind

According to the official announcement by the production team season two till now is scheduled for 2021. This confirms that another season of this anime series will land in 2021.

But the thing to notice it will face impacts of pandemic and lockdown. As many of the favorite shows and anime are already postpone to undefined time.

But the franchise recently shared some official visuals on different platforms. The second season of this anime was renewed in 2018 it took two years to officially announce its release date. Now let’s see how this show will manage to return on time in these Corona times.

New Visuals of Laid Back Camp Season 2 :

The franchise released two key visuals along with the announcement of the release date

During one Nadeshiko is witnessed hanging out with a new school girl. Both of them are dressed in school dress. The new girl standing aside with Nadeshiko will be a new character Ayano Toki.

Another visual have two sets of scenic view on of morning and other of the evening with some taglines. The tagline is “bit lonely, but also fun .” Now let’s see what season two will bring for the audience.

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