The Great Heist Season 2: Will Netflix Forward with the show?

The Great Heist Season 2 Updates: This Columbian series, featuring a real-life bank robbery serves us the exact content staying true to the Historical facts. Will the Great Heist be back with another new season in line?

Let’s read on to know whether there is any possibility for it to be back to the screen.

Featuring a Columbian businessman, Chayo (Andrés Parra), the series shows his ideas to dodge the central bank of the country. Chayo is married to a 19 years old daughter but now he needs money to sustain a bourgeois life4style.

The series portrays his ideas to organize a well-planned gang to bring his thoughts into action. Proceeding further we see that Chayo’s friend drops in their “one last job”  but soon succumbs to her need for a liver transplant.

El Dragón (Waldo Urrego) can successfully qualify as a great heist but he is often subdued by his human emotions. That is to say, he is least like the conventional villains and more like a human and sophisticated heist. This is the only reason why he is able to secure his place in Chayo’s team.

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Robbery as the core strategy is taken up in the first three episodes of season 1. The second half of the series highlights the consequences of their strategy and action.

While many of the members of the gang are killed, the surviving members still have enough audacity to make the maximum out of their survival. However, there have been diversions from the real-life scenario. This brings us to the hope that we may witness another great season of the series soon.

When will  Great Heist Season 2 Release Date

No official clarifications have yet been made for the second season. Still, we know that the plot to ignite the second season is left by the first.

We have seen the prior season ends with the robbery as well as for deciding the future of the gang, still, there is a possibility of a crossover with other Netflix crime productions, special mention to the original Narcos series, which concentrates on about Pablo Escobar’s Colombia-based drug ring.

Till we get to know about the decided fate of the series, let’s just lose ourselves in the heist mystery of Chayo.

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