My Hero Academia: 3 Ways Bakugo Should Have Been the Main Character

My Hero Academia Updates: Though Izuku Midoriya is one of the best protagonists in my Hero Academia. However, it is also cited by the audience that Katsuki Bakugo could also have played the role perfectly. Hereby we will be analyzing if the narrative choice of the makers was right based on dispositions, histories, and qualities of both students.

My Hero Academia: Updates

  • Midoriya: All Might

Midoriya is almost nothing without All Might. Their relationship is very beneficial. On the one hand, Toshinori gave Deku amazing and tremendous powers of ‘One For All’. Midoriya proved himself through heroism and his good qualities. On the other hand, Bakugo would have been a more difficult plot thread to follow.

  • Bakugo: Number One

The lead actor is expected to be better and more powerful than any other member of the group. This has been in many anime. Midoriya is not the strongest or even second strongest member of the group. He cannot do a faceoff with many dangerous and lethal villains.

  • Midoriya: Humble Beginnings

One can relate much more to the past of Midoriya than to Bakugo’s. he had to prove himself at every point as he was not gifted with any power like ‘Explosion’.

  • Bakugo: Character Development

image source: screenrant

The character of Bakugo has developed and evolved in the entire anime series. An ideal example of this is when he interacted with the children at the training center of the Hero Licensing Exam. The viewers have appreciated this growth since the beginning.

  • Midoriya: Romance

A protagonist is more loved by the audience when he is accompanied by a compatible romantic partner. Midoriya has Ochaco Uraraka in his life. They navigate their relationship gradually before confessing their affection for each other.

  • Bakugo: Quirk Creativity

Bakugo has the power of ‘Explosion’. It helps him to explore more creative options than Midoriya can do with ‘One For All’. Since Kacchan has bound his explosion for defense, offense, he has a chance to win his fights through inventive possibilities.

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