The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 Review and Everything we know so far

The Boys Season 2, Episode 6 Review: When The Boys go on a new mission to the psyche ward,  they discover an old enemy. To their astonishment, they had ran into Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore). We see Annie forced into a conversation with Butcher.

Of course it was a kind of strange and cold, since it dwelled upon their past.  Whenever Hughie gets in, trying to mediate, Annie and Butcher zips him up. This very reaction of the duo makes Hughie fell like their child.

During their conversation, we are shown a flashback as to how The boys first ran into Lamplighter, from the perspective of Frenchie.  Lamplighter was originally blackmailed by them into collecting intel on Vought, but he turned on them, and on his trial to kill Grace (Laila Robins), he murdered her children accidentally and not her.

The following night Frenchie was behind Lamplighter but could not for long a he had to save his friend. His friend had been overdosed. Frenchie, still regrets over the incident and it gets even worse when they see Lamplighter as an executioner in the psych ward for Supers.

The result of this fight turn out in a way that it results in  escape of a patient/prisoner.  This patient further releases the rest of the people in the facility. To escape out of the situation without being dead, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, and Kimiko are forced to work with Lamplighter.

Back in the van, we see that Annie and Hughes are still not comfortable with the conversation, while Hughes minds his own business. Soon an explosion, caused by an escaped super, hits the van, which causes no harm to the duo. Sadly Hughes was greatly wounded. Later we see how both of them get along together to save Hughes.

Meanwhile, Annie beckons and stops a car while Butcher turn impatient. As the guns come out Annie has no way out but to save Butcher. In this process the driver is killed.  They put Hughie in the car and drive away while the driver is left dead on the rod.

They take Hughes to a hospital and communicate as to how they really care for him. Annie also articulates that the innocence she had initially is washed away.

Later we see that Lamplighter  give up before Stormfront and gives her his life, which she returns for him to feel guilty always. Stormfront then return to Homelander and reveal everything.

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