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When will African Sit-Com Family Reunion Part 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and All Other Details

Family Reunion Part 3

Family Reunion Part 3 Updates: Meg DeLoatch created an African comedy sitcom television web series named Family Reunion. The series is famous for having an all-black cast. It premiered on Netflix in two parts and Netflix also released a special vacation episode between the two parts. The series has a total of 20 episodes stretched as part 1 with 10 episodes, 1 special episode, and part 2 with the remaining 9 episodes.

Family Reunion Part 3:Plot

The story traces the journey of a Mckellan family (having 6 members) who travels from Seattle to Georgia for their family reunion and later decides to stay in Georgia. However, the family faces many challenges during their transfer as they leave the comforts of Seattle City and move to Georgia. The hot and humid summers of the countryside pose difficulties but the desire to live close to the other family members helps them to overcome the problems.

Family Reunion Part 3: Cast

Family Reunion Part 3

This part of the series has the same members from the last two parts with Tia Mowry as Cocoa McKellan (the Lady of the house and a mother of four), Loretta Devine as M’Dear (Moz’s mom whose real name is Amelia), and Anthony Alabi as Moz Mckellan(a tight end man and Cocoa’s husband). The Cast playing the Mckellan kids includes Talia Jackson as Jade Mckellan( eldest daughter of the household), Isaiah Russell – Bailey as Shaka Mckellan(older brother), Cameron J. Wright as Mazzi Mckellan(younger son), and Jordyn Raya James as Ami Mckellan(youngest daughter). The overall cast of Family Reunion Part 3 seems to be remarkable with the presence of these artists.

Release Date

The series had a good overall reception and Netflix has renewed the series for its third part. Family Reunion Part 3 will consist of a total of 16 episodes so the fans must wait patiently for their lovely show.

There is no update about any trailer of the third part of the series but fans can expect the release of the Family Reunion Part 3 as somewhere in 2021. For further updates, stay tuned!

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