Chinese Drama- Well-Intended Love Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and All Other Detials

Well-Intended Love Season 3 Updates: Chinese dramas are literally doing great when it comes to rom-com. They have this assorted range of choices and stories, and you won’t believe that there can be so many types even under the rom-com genre. If you are searching up for an exciting story, then Well-Intended Love is just for you.

The show just got over with the second season this year, and the response was quite enthralling. The series started back in 2019 on January 17 and is available on the Chinese streaming platform Sohu, WeTV and Netflix. Season 2 had a total of 16 episodes.

You would be happy to know that Well-Intended Love won the Golden Bud (The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival) Award for the categories of Top Ten Web Series, Popular Director of the Year, and Producer of the Year.

Possibility of Season 3

There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the third season by the creators of Well-Intended Love. Season 2 covered up much of the story and there is nothing left to unfold. If there is any possibility of season 3, then we might anticipate a whole new dimension of the old characters with the new ones. And if there is any chance of renewal then we can only expect it next year.

The Story of Well-Intended Love Season 3

Well-Intended Love Season 3

The Chinese drama revolves around the two romantic leads, Xia Lin and Ling. The former is a 21-year-old aspiring actress whose life has been disrupted by the curse of leukemia, and on the other hand, the latter is the CEO of a huge multinational company. Xia Lin, in dire need of bone marrow, meets Ling, but here comes the twist. Xia Lin can only seek help if she agrees to get involved in a contractual marriage of 2 years with Ling. But seems like fate has its own way of making people fall in love.

Critics About Well-Intended Love Season 3

The show managed to secure a rate of 7.4/10 on IMDb and reviews are quite inclined towards the green light. Packed with wonderful moments, Well-Intended Love will definitely make you go ‘aww’. The show has been carefully developed with characters getting a chance of self-development and was well executed. The plot was also wrapped up perfectly.

The Cast Well-Intended Love Season 3

The shows star Simona Wang (Xia Lin), Xu Kaicheng (Ling Yi Zhou), Ian Yi (Chu Yan), Liu Jia Xi (Jia Fei), Huang Qian Shuo (Wen Li), Sun Jia Qi (An Ran), and Kiwi Shang (Yin Shuangshuang).


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