The host of “Ziwa” portrayed a “much crueler” fictionalized version of herself in the latest HBO’s “Succession.”

Ziwa said, ” I prefer leading with improvisation in my series, cause those are my roots as a comedian.

Its part-interview series, part-musical, and part-sketch show, help Ziwe to be established as a major force in comedy.

Ziwa said, “The show did exceed my wildest imagination. It’s all thanks to my brilliant cast, crew, and iconic guests,” in a statement following the show’s renewal.

“I am extremely delighted that I am able to continue my collaboration with Showtime and A24.”

In addition, Ziwe in the series had interviewed everyone from Gloria Steinem to Eboni K. Williams in “Real Housewives of New York City”.

Having her way with topics, juggling politics, pop culture, and social activism. In addition, we can’t miss her enviable wardrobe and her famous pastel eyeliner.