There were some reports on the Internet that Yellowstone Season 5 could be the last and final season of the series as two spin-off series

The Season 4 of the show ended in January 2022, After which the fans were expecting when we will get Season 5 of the show,

As per the Reports of THR, Paramount has officially renewed the show for season 5 along with its spin-off series 6666 and Prequel 1883 (which debuted on Paramount in December 2019)

The screenwriter of the show Taylor Sheridan had given a date when the filming for the Yellowstone Season 5 could start, he had told Deadline that the filming will begin in May 2022.

Yellowstone Season 5 to be released at the same time this year between November and December 2022

One news has already surfaced on the internet that, Season 5 could be the final and last season of Yellowstone

The Spinoff and Prequel have already been started and We think it could be the more specific reason behind the ending of Yellowstone with Season 5.