Uorfi Javed, previously known as Urfi Javed is one of the most controversial names in the entertainment industry.

Popularly known for featuring in Big Boss OTT, Uorfi has a habit of pulling up some of the most unusual, awkward, and weird outfits

Uorfi likes to wear whatever she wants and she is quite vocal about it, she makes headlines almost every week for her unusual outfits and she has done it once again

Uorfi shared a video on her Instagram where she has more than 3 million followers, and this time she has crossed all the limits

Well this is not the first time when she has stunned the netizens and probably this isn’t the last, the video went viral and Uorfi was heavily trolled

It seems like Uorfi has her stance clear when it comes to the clothing of her choice and time and time she has spoken about it too.

Earlier this year, she was bashed by fashion designer Farah Khan Ali and popular TV actress Kashmira Shah for her outfits

she is a big name in the industry now and she can even be a big star at least in the television industry, but for she needs some major changes in life

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