Top 10 Movies Coming In April

The Super Mario Bros

The movie is a adaptation of a 90's popular game coming on 5 April.

Evil Dead Rise

The upcoming movie in the Evil Dead franchise is set to be released on April 21.

Little Richard

I Am Everything

The documentary movie, which is based on the real-life events of Little Richard, will hit theatres on April 21.

One Fine Morning

James Bond star Léa Seydoux will play the role of a single mother in the movie. Released on 14 April.

Showing Up

The movie is about the artist and making art and hit theatres on April 7.


Renfield, starring Nicolas Cage, is a romantic horror comedy released on April 14.

Peter Pan & Wendy

It is another live-action remake of a classic Disney cartoon movie coming on 28 April.

Are you there God?

The movie is based on the same-name novel written by Judy Blume and released on April 28.


It is another masterpiece by Makoto Shinkai, a science fiction anime film set to be released on April 14.


Ben Affleck directed this film based on true events about the release of Air Jordan 5 on April 5.