10. Savagery

The Season 4 Episode 14 shows us the fight between Levi Vs Zeke.

9. Warrior

The Season 2, Ep 6 reveals the truth of Reiner and Bertoldt.

8. Wall

The episode feature the fight between Female Titan and Attack Titan.

7. That Day

The episode shows the memories of Grisha Jaeger and what he has done.

6. Scream

The Season 2 finale has viewers genuinely dreading the worst.

5. First Battle

The episode emphasises the monstrous Titans' true horror.

4. Midnight Sun

The episode raises the question of whether Armin or Erwin should be alive.

3. Assault

Fans saw the best fight scenes of all time in the episode.

2. Pain

The rooftop fight scene between Levi and Kenny shocked the fans.

1. Hero

The fight between Levi and the Beast Titan is the peak of the high-intensity episode.