Following season 1 finals, The Wilds season 2 will launch an all-boys island, as the juniors continue to fight for survival.

After a brief look, the official chariot was released. It shows the girls still trapped on a mysterious island

We were also given a look at the new group of boys, who had apparently been part of the study all along

A great revelation? There were two phases of the plane crash and there were always two islands. Still, it seems fans can expect more twists throughout the season.

Nora Howard’s Nora may have been killed in The Wilds’ season 1 finalist while trying to save Rachel

Since it does not contain captions for any pre-flight crash, the trailer does not provide any indication that you have returned.

Charles Alexander (like Kirin O’Conner), Miles Gutierrez-Riley (like Ivan Taylor), Reed Shannon (Scotty Simms), Tanner Ray Rook (Bo Leonard), and Alex Fitzalan (Seth Novak)