In the first trailer for  The Regime, Kate Winslet takes command and is ready to prove to the world what she’s made of.

Kate Winslet Got World Domination upon Her Mind in the Latest ‘The Regime’ Trailer.

The Regime trailer, released a few hours ago, depicts Kate Winslet as a severe European leader trying to keep her grip on the government.

The Regime, directed by Stephen Frears & Jessica Hobbs, is a political drama with satirical comedy that follows the 'rise to power'.

Adam must choose between his previous life as an action hero or his new life as the King

The brief trailer also hints at dark comedy in a few places, such as the scene in which Winslet's husband is forbidden from visiting her without official permission.

This new HBO drama stars Kate Winslet as The Chancellor, the dictator of a fictitious Middle European country.

Winslet rose to international popularity and praise for her performance as Rose in James Cameron's Best Picture-winning picture Titanic.

The Regime is scheduled to air on Sunday, March 3, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET.