The Marked Heart Season 2 Update: Thriller as a drama has given a lot of diversity but the most favorite one is the suspense that they create.

To Mark, all the categories in the best way, the series called The Marked Heart is right now in talk related to The Marked Heart Season 2.

The Marked Heart is a Spanish thriller drama that has a lot of crime as well as melodrama. It has released just one season with 14 episodes

If things will go well then we might be getting The Marked Heart Season 2 somewhere at the end or in the mid of 2023. It might be coming back again with 14 episodes

The cast related to The Marked Heart Season 2 is not that hard to guess or go for. Since the story required the same characters

Michael Brown would be as Simon Duque, Ana Lucia Dominguez would be Camila Duarte, Sebastian Martinez would be Zacarias Cienfuegos, Margarita would be Valeria Duque,

The series is related to the wife of Simon whose name is Valeria. She got murdered so that her heart can be removed from her body and can be transplanted into another person.

To take revenge, Simon enters into organ trafficking. Camila on the other hand goes on a search for all the questions she wanted an answer to.

At last, Simon falls in love with Camila but when things came out, their relationship becomes complicated and life-threatening.

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