The Marked Heart Season 2 Update: This drama masterpiece of Netflix is going through many dilemmas and questions regarding its release.

The story is full of thrillers and mysteries as some organ traffic implanted a woman’s heart by murdering her into another woman’s body.

The woman in whose body that heart got transplanted her name was Camelia and when her operation was successful she want to meet the real donor of the heart

On the other hand, the husband of the murdered woman wanted to find the real culprit behind the murder of his wife.

As we have seen in the ending of Season 1 that Simon and Camellia while finding clues and hints regarding their personal queries where Simon

But what’s the story without a twist ??? as soon as they both get to know the mystery behind Valeria’s murder there will be hardship s and complexity in their relationship.

So if Season 2 happens it will be really interesting to see then how both of them handle the situation and what turn their relationship takes after knowing the real story behind Valeria’s murder.

It is really very interesting plot where unknowingly two people wanting to get their questions answered fell in love with each other

But if the filming starts in a month or two we can expect to see Marked Hearts Season 2 somewhere around early or mid-2023.