The Girl In The Mirror Season 2 Update: Netflix seems to have caught quite a liking towards its Spanish productions Now

there is no doubt that The Girl in the Mirror comes from Spain. So, the thriller series is a creation of Sergio G. Sanchez. With the assistance of Kike Maillo

It has a total of 9 episodes running for a lengthy 41 to 60 minutes. The series is produced under Sospecha Films. It was finalized in 2018.

With the first season releasing only a few days back, there is a high chance that The Girl in the Mirror Season 2 will be released much later.

However, considering the last episode of the mystery show, there is a chance that the series will come back for a second run.

The Girl in the Mirror stars many talented faces as its cast. This includes Mireia Oriol as the lead character, and Alma and Pol Monen as Bruno.

Mireia is a 23-year-old actress who began her career during her teen years and shot to face recently with her Netflix debut.

The list goes on with Milena Smit playing Nico whereas Mario Tardon will be seen as Carlos. Nico could be taken up as the possible villain of the series due to her constant

The story begins with a group of students on a graduation trip in the mountains of Asturias, Spain. The audience is introduced to the main character of the series, Alma.