Netflix will release an exciting new period romantic drama in September 2022 for fans who have previously appreciated material in this genre.

The Empress, a German drama about the forbidden romance of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary and the rebelling Empress Elisabeth von Wittelsbach

It is reasonable to say that the shows’ promotional strategies have piqued viewers’ attention and generated internet buzz

Furthermore, the teaser’s cinematography only adds to the creative value’s enticing appearance, luring audiences to see how wonderfully it is displayed on the screens

We’ve compiled a succinct synopsis of everything you want to know regarding the release date, narrative, and cast so you can get a jumpstart and be ready before the show airs.

The Empress is planned to release on Thursday, September 29, 2022, according to the channel.

The main Netflix DE Instagram feed also verified the announcement by providing the officially announced release date, citing,

According to the Netflix show premise, whenever the rebellious Elisabeth meets Franz, the Emperor of Austria, the young couple’s exhilarating love utterly upends the power system at the Vienna court.

Following the marriage, the young empress must establish herself not simply against her mom-in-law, the royal, power-hungry Sophie