The Blacklist Season 9 Updates: Jon Bokenkamp’s s The Blacklist is returning with its Season 9. NBC’s original series is mostly coming i

We might get to see 2-year time jump in the upcoming season which will unfold some of the answers to us. It will be released on NBC

In the previous seasons, we saw I bet even the creators don’t know the secret. They just keep the show going until they come up with a good 

They were giving and receiving. Red was teaching him cunningness and Liz was re-stimulating his heart and emotions.

Their big board must be humongous!! Some things have just disappeared with no explanation. The clues they give don’t have enough

Overall, I like the show. Spader alone keeps it going most of the time. I’d like it more if they would start giving some info to at least help

Elizabeth is supposed to be so smart but she only succeeds because everyone else suddenly becomes incompetent.

Like any other series, this series has also become popular with the love of the fans and the audience. As the demand grows the makers might 

There are a lot of Expectations fans have from The Blacklist season 9. Many people want Samar to come back but you are