SWAT Season 5 has been announced for October and one episode is already released, here we have details about its episode count and its release date. 

SWAT Season 5 is going to stream on the 1st of October 2021, at 8 PM, it is going to stream on CBS. Each week only one episode is going to release, on each Friday.

In season 4, we have seen a lot of things that had happened with Hondo, he took exception to systemic racism, there are a lot of circumstances that are worse, they are going to be in season 5.

Now, we cannot say it as a trailer but there is a short video released recently, it was released by CBS. In the video we can watch Hondo and Swat squad, 

The protagonist is Sergeant Daniel Harrelson aka Hondo, who led the team by balancing the community with the force. The series has been popular for its unique approach

The series had shown the problems with the American-African revolution and how Hondo was demoted when the protests were getting massive.

But there’s no such information, probability is that we would see more of his “troubles of a local widow and her daughter.” He exclaims, revealing that there would be more

Kenny Johnson, who plays the role of Luca is also expected to have a step-up in his game and have more screen time. More cast like Lina

As of now, there have been no updates on the trailer, but we can expect for it to be released soon enough, probably by September we assume.