Surviving Summer Season 2 is a television series starring Sky Katz and Kai Lewins in the lead. Produced by Joanna Werner

Based in Australia, the show was acquired by the network Netflix. Moreover, the first season of this show aired on 3 June this year.

Although we know it’s not much time since the premiering of season 1 happened, we have certain details for you regarding season 2.

After the release of season 1, fans had been in anticipation of a season 2. Since the first season aired not more than 2 weeks ago

The first season of “Surviving Summer” was released on 3rd June this year. The series can be accessed through the streaming platform Netflix.

Episode 1 – The name of the first episode is Exile. In this episode Summer, our lead character tries to settle down in the new place she recently ventured to

– Episode  2 – The name of the second episode is Big Plans. This Summer helps Ari (the one injured) with the side effects of his accident.

Episode 3 – The name of the third episode is Training Day. As the name suggests, the episode deals with mostly their training parts


– Episode  5 – Keep the Sponsors Happy is the name of this episode. A little romance spices up this episode.


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