First airing on April 29, 2020, the Romance Drama Television Series Summertime made its debut on Netflix Channel in the USA.

In addition, the Drama Series for Season 3 will only consist of 24 episodes, airing weekly on Wednesday at midnight.

Locals believe that Summer isn’t making much out so of her youth at all.

Although she may be smart and not bad-looking. But the girl needs to get a little loose, with her very reserved character.

The girl doesn’t have quite a liking for summer. Irony part of her life is that she was named after him. Only wishes to go out to work so she can support her mother

As, her father is away from home, setting outsail to give jazz concerts. Summer meets an avid racer, Ale.

Although, everyone seems to encourage him, with his dad being his biggest supporter. Waiting and wanting him to get back on motorcycle tracks.

Ale’s mother, Laura is the hotel manager for whom Summer works. Later, Ale seems to have fallen deeply in love with Summer.

Scheduling the official date for the premiere of Summertime 3rd season is Wednesday, May 4, 2022.