Somebody Feed Phil is here for Season 7! Get the first look.

Netflix’s long-running travel food documentary, Somebody Feed Phil, featuring Philip Rosenthal, is returning.

Somebody Feed Phil premiered on Netflix in January 2018 and is now one of the longest-running documentary series on the platform, with 33 episodes under its belt.

The most recent season, season 6, is set to premiere in October 2022.

The show’s primary concept is that Philip Rosenthal traverses the world, searching for the most sumptuous cuisines and meals.

The trailer for Season 7 of Somebody Feed Phil is yet to be available.

The creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond ” can be seen eating in a restaurant; his eyes light up as he notices a plate of meat approaching his table.

e brings loved ones and meets up with famous pals (comedians, writers, and artists) who are also shot at Somebody Feed Phil places.

Rosenthal’s ever-growing fan base has clamored for the upcoming season, which is jam-packed with entertaining stories about eating, drinking, traveling.

Rosenthal was the creator, writer, & showrunner/executive producer of Everybody Loves Raymond, a nine-season comedy starring comic Ray Romano.