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Saved By The Bell Reboot Season 2 Update: Bell-saved survivors of Season 2 consider adding Dustin Diamond, who featured Screech Powers in the first series.

In 2019, Peacock of NBCUniversal announced it was offering the Saved by the Bella revival series, which began in November.

Season 1 Saved by Bell feature featured dozens of students, including the son of Zack and Kelly Kapowski, who returned to Bayside High Hall.

Saved By The Bell Reboot Season 2: Update

Gaining more clues to the first show, the relaunch also brought back the original members, with the exception of Screech, and reunited with friends 27 years later.

Saved by the Bell reboot was considering adding Screech to a series of the new season 2 episodes.

Diamond was preparing a way to bring its character back like Screech to Kevin’s form – Screech’s AI to be created in the first series.

As it stands, a robot called Diamond is expected to be completed soon and is considered a gift to the producers of Saved by the Bell reboot for use in future episodes in honor of the late actor.