Reservation Dogs Season 2 Update: This Drama and Comedy series is ready to hit your screens with Season 2.

At the end of Season 1, only Elora became successful in escaping the place. And the remaining members of the group stay back in the same place.

In the month of July the streaming platform of the series i.e, Hulu announced the coming of Season 2. So, the season will be streamed on August 3, 2022.

1. The Curse – This episode will be showing the aftermath of the Tornado and how the curse will be reversed.

The trailer begins with the words of the Fortune teller “he who hoots with the owls cannot soar with the eagles in the morning.

During the short clip Elora confirms to Mullally’s character that they’re running away, to which Mullally responds, “Damn, I’m so jealous.

Willie thinks that the curse she has given to Jackie is the reason behind the mishappenings. Bear is engaged in his new Construction Job.

In this season The Reservation Dogs will be seen as Vigilants as Tornado rolls down in their town.

Willie will be seen putting down efforts to save the town from the aftermath of the Curse she imposed on Jackie.

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