One Piece Chapter 1051 has been announced and its release date is coming really close

the upcoming chapter which says that Yamato is Joining the Crew. As after almost 100 Chapters finally, Kaido and Orochi have been defeated by the team

we are not here to discuss the far future we are discussing Yamato’s joining the crew in One Piece Chapter 1051.

As we all know she is the daughter of Kaidou and she was raised in a way so that she can succeed Kaidou and become the samurai Kozuki Oden,

I think it’s the best time for she will join the crew. We also have a few Spoilers which are suggesting her next move in One Piece Chapter 1051.

As per this user on Twitter, we will probably not have any ads in the next episode and She will be joining Monkey D. Luffy’s crew

which will be the best news after a very long time for the fans of One Piece. Yamato will be joining the crew and helping them against Kaido.

Not only this the Spoiler has been confirmed by another user who says : “If the spoiler is correct, chapter 1051 will be my fav chapter of Wano arc.


Fans are really very happy about the decision of the creators and the writers who are forwarding toward the new arc after a very long time.

And fans have posted so many reactions and materials on Instagram and Twitter about the new arc:

One Piece Chapter 1051 has been scheduled to be released worldwide next week on June 5, 2022,

and it will be available in bookstores on 6th June 2022

The Fans can start reading the chapter at different times worldwide because of differences in timezone:

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