fan’s wait ends here as episode two of Marvel’s new Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel has finally arrived. But situations have changed

Her family relations are also getting tangled as she disobeys her parents and joins Avengercon

Kamala look as confident as she ever was. now She has the guts to lock her locker herself in school and make eye-to-eye contact with those bully girls

However, everyone is talking about how a new superhero saved Zoe’s life. Kamala doesn’t want to reveal her identity

Kamala is very new to her powers and trying to discover the ways she can help people with. Kamala and Bruno meet at some hidden places to learn

According to Bruno, Her powers are not coming from any external source or her bangles but from Kamla herself.

They later found that her superpowers and the bangles have a connection with her grandmother who disappeared when India-Pakistan was divided.

A love triangle is being formed between Kamran and Bruno. Whom do u guys think Kamla will hook up with?


Kamran shares his number with Kamla and both find many things common. Kamran offers Kamla a driving lesson as she failed her driving test


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