Whether it is Hollywood or any other film industry we have seen a lot of celebrities who are very private and grounded in terms of their personal life.

It happens even after they have got children as well as they have opened up about it sometimes in interviews.

Among them is Travis Scott who has recently gushed over his girlfriend Kylie Jenner in a very rare post.

The 31-year-old rapper has shown his love which was quite rare to see towards his girlfriend Kylie Jenner who is 24 years old.

We have always known that he is not quite comfortable posting the things related to his personal life.

But recently he has posted a photo where we have seen Kylie Jenner cooking some food in the kitchen.

We have seen Kylie Jenner in black hair that was tied half as she was concentrating on her food

The model was wearing a white top and was holding a plate full of a dish in one hand and was cooking with the other hand.


It was Father’s Day when Kylie Jenner wished Travels a Father’s Day. She has uploaded a very cute picture


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