It would seem that pop diva Mariah Carey and her longtime fiancé, backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, still have time for dates even after almost six years

While Tanaka went for a laid-back look by wearing a black button-up t-shirt with matching board shots and slide-on shoes and accessorized with a gold necklace and a red baseball cap

The “Touch My Body” diva was seen wearing a black minidress that had a form-fitting v-neck and completed her stylish look

It is unknown who paid for their intimate meal in New York City, but Carey is said to be the kind of person who lavishes her boyfriend

“Mariah actually dumps thousands each month buying for his fancy clothing, jewelry, and automobiles,” a source who did not want to be identified told OK!

Despite the pop star’s apparent reluctance to go down the aisle for the third time, Mariah Carey’s longtime boyfriend Bryan Tanaka has seen ring shopping for her recently.

They said, “He’s been given the green light to purchase anything he wants,” which means he has complete discretion.

On the other hand, a source claims that Carey has no problem paying for the affection she has for her lover since she allegedly “thinks nothing is too wonderful for her man.”

According to the further information provided by the source, “She’s Just Going to Keep Showering Him with Presents.”

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