After the Season 1 events, Hazel returned to the Hub for 12 weeks as her father was treated for cancer.

The FBI has arrested Gogol, alleging he had insurance fraud, employee conspiracy, and false arrest

ub has been imported, and the big question is what is the Hazel agency among all this?

We also saw Hazel working with the FBI to bring down her abusive husband permanently. No matter, as Season 2 progresses

Hazel will have to use her intelligence more than those around her, and achieve her physical and mental freedom.

The main characters who will be returning are Herringbone (Dan Bakkedahl), Fiffany (Or Dumezweni)

The show also features Chris Diamantopoulos, Patti Harrison, and Angela Lin as repetitive characters. 90s star Paula Abdul is also joining the show’s second season as a guest star.